This page displays data from the Alberta Conservation Information Management System (ACIMS) which is available to the public for conservation purposes. This page does not include the most sensitive species and cannot be used for environmental screening.

Each species has one or more element occurences (EO's), and each EO has one or more locations. This page displays a marker for each selected EO/location combination.

Selection is based on:

1. One or more of the plant groups: wildflowers, trees, grasses/sedges, ferns/bryophytes
2. A specific species, although this can be left as "All species"
3. A bounds rectangle defining a specific area of interest
4. A search string, allowing such searches as a genera - e.g. potentilla

The limit controls the number of locations returned and displayed, avoiding large searches.

Once the plants are displayed, passing the mouse over the marker, will hide the label and provide a window with more information on the location. The "Toggle labels" button will hide the labels, reducing clutter.

Clicking on a marker will zoom in to the location. Double-clicking (after single click) on the marker will cause the location boundaries to be shown.
Wildflowers Trees Grasses / Sedges Ferns / Bryophytes