Welcome to this site devoted to flowers of the Rocky Mountains.

The site is a result of my efforts to get to know the flowers of the Canadian Rocky Mountains.

Coverage is largely the flowers found in the Kananaskis to Lake Louise region, although some flowers found further north, south and on to the prairies are included. Some flowers from western Yoho are included.

My interest is getting to know the flowers to the species level where practical. Many interesting plants can be found that are not normally mentioned in the more general flower books.

I have put together some pictorial keys to assist in identifying the specific species of plant. The emphasis is on easily seen physical characteristics. These keys are not as botanically accurate as those found in the reference books, but may be more easily used.

This site is under construction. Coverage is very much incomplete. While some photos aren't bad, many need to be replaced.

Should you have any corrections, questions or suggestions please feel free to email me at
[email protected]

Bill Leach