GPX Router by Bow Valley Software Inc.
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Author name:default

This page allows the design and saving of a route. The route name and author are shown at the top and can be changed by double clicking them.

Right click anywhere to start the route. Left click adds a new routepoint. Additional right click functions allow clearing the route, zooming and centering. "Insert point" allows adding a point midway between two routepoints. Normal Google Map controls of dragging the map to pan and double clicking or using the mouse wheel to zoom also work.

Distances, elevations and elevation differences are shown in the route segment table. The route segment names can be changed by double clicking them. Times are calculated at 4 km/hr of distance plus 400 m/hr of elevation gain - a moderate pace.

By default, the Google Direction Service is used to look for a trail linking the route points. If a path is found that is close to the route points, it is used. A checkbox is provided to ignore trails, and the "fit" tolerance can also be changed. Recalculation of trails for routes of more than 10 points is delayed.

Controls are provided to save the route to a gpx file, and to load a route from a gpx file.
Route Segments

Waypoint no.Elev (m)Dist (km)Egain (m)Eloss (m)Time (hr)
Use trails:tolerance:100m

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