GPX Viewer by Bow Valley Software Inc.
Introduction This page displays a GPS track on Google Maps, with graphs of the the elevation profile, horizontal spped and vertical speed.

The track can be loaded with the "Browse" button.

Distance, elevation and time stats are shown.

Elevation gain is calculated by looking at the high and low points on the track, rather than summing the differences between track By default, a change in elevation of 10 meters is required to add to the elevation gain / loss. The "Changeover difference" field can be used to change this critereon.

The highlighted points on the profile are the points where a net elevation gain / loss were determined. Hovering over the profile points will show the elevation, the location on the map, and the elevation gain / loss where calculated (zooming may be required to find the point with the egain).

The profile can be zoomed with the mouse wheel and can be panned.
Load gpx track file:

Changeover difference: